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Welcome to Balance Wellness, the gentle, but fierce approach to health and wellness. 


At Balance Wellness we work together to have you looking and feeling your best!  Our bodies are intelligent with a profound ability to heal. We create a space for that healing to take place, when we stop and step into the moment.  We invite individuals to create the space they need to heal for themselves and their loved ones. 


In this stressful modern life, it can be difficult to simply slow down and relax.  We are always on the go, always striving, always working and this can throw our bodies, minds, and spirits out of balance which can manifest in a myriad of ways from difficulty sleeping, digestive issues or pain just to name a few. 


What we need to do is help our body return to a state of homeostasis so that it can optimally heal.  I am here to guide and support you while we embark on this healing journey together so that you can live your best life and be more present for yourself and the ones you love.


I understand that every individual is unique with personal gifts and challenges.  Each treatment plan is created specifically for you and is tailored to fit your wellness needs and goals.  We address the body, mind and spirit to promote healing holistically.


-Dr. Kari Peviani